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Introduction to T.R.E. Workshop

  • LAHARI•YOGA 86 McKenney Avenue St. Albert, AB, T8N 2G4 Canada (map)

TRE is a non-verbal activation of a genetically pre-programmed tremoring (shaking) system that is inherent in all of us. Typically, we can only access this system when we are under a great deal of stress, trauma, or fear. Can you remember the last time you found yourself subtly shaking or tremoring involuntarily? Maybe you had a close call driving on winter roads, an emotional argument, or maybe you were frightened or felt seriously threatened, and than discovered yourself trembling for sometime afterwards? This is your nervous system leveraging this shaking mechanism to discharge excess nervous energy that was provoked during such a situation where our natural fight/flight/freeze response were aborted or restrained. The shaking is completely normal, and very effective at helping the body release these pent up tensions and bringing the body back into a state of calm.

TRE, created by Dr. David Berceli PhD, is a series of seven gentle lower body exercises and stretches designed to activate your shaking mechanism while maintaining a deeply calm and restful state. This beautifully simple and safe technique is a much more peaceful way to activate this natural response in your body, without exposure to highly stressful or traumatic triggers. When we access these systems, we are able to physically release and repair the damages of our past wounds, and ultimately heal our body, mind, and spirit, from the inside out.

TRE requires no conscious awareness of, or recollection of, any traumatic or fearful events. Nor does it require you to talk about the source of trauma, and any accompanying feelings, to be effective.

It's Quick – TRE can be completed in under 30 minutes once your practice is established.

It's Simple -TRE does not require any special environment, equipment, or clothing.

It's Cost Effective – TRE goes directly to the root of the issue, quickly and gently.

It's Knowledge - TRE is a tool that can be accessed through your whole life - even after a single workshp.

All TRE requires is that you be willing

Later Event: June 5
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