Lahari Yoga

Health~Honesty~Equality & Loving Kindness

L A H A R I β€’ Y O G A

We stand for health, honesty, equality,

treating people how

you'd want to be treated, helping those in need,

and loving kindness.

Class Schedules

Check out our Live Schedule for the most up to date class times. Our Live Schedule gives you the luxury of viewing, signing up and paying for your class online. In the Live Schedule you can purchase yoga passes, gift cards and other LAHARI YOGA merchandise.

To sign up for classes you will need to set up and account. You can do this when arriving to the login page by filling out the "NEW TO OUR SITE" log in.  By creating an account it will keep track of your classes, your account balances and even allow you to reserve a spot for a friend. Find your favourite teacher and reserve your spot in their class!

From your iPhone or Android phone you can see our schedule, reserve your spot in class and pay ONLINE, and after class submit a review, give the MINDBODY Connect App a try.


  Click on image to book a session

Click on image to book a session

  Click on photo to find out more!

Click on photo to find out more!

The NEW FALL 2018 Schedule

To ensure your class time is correct please refer to the Live Schedule where you can even book your class online and we will know you are coming!

Click on the Room Schedule to expand and read better.

See You Soon!

Lahari Yoga happily breathes an inspiring message of self acceptance, health, and compassion around the entire community. And the community writes to it.

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