Lahari Yoga

Health~Honesty~Equality & Loving Kindness

L A H A R I • Y O G A

We stand for health, honesty, equality,

treating people how

you'd want to be treated, helping those in need,

and loving kindness.


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We offer a party package that can be made to order for groups of any age that want to practice yoga!! 

The Party Package- $199.00

Includes up to two hours of studio time but can be split into half studio half lounge if the party people wish to offer food, drink, or any general socializing. 

We can tailor-make your Yoga Party to almost any creative idea you can dream up:

* Office groups for team building

* Birthday parties any age from 3 to 93

* Sports teams

* A close group of friends that wants to explore a personalized yoga class

* Yoga with your family

* A special yoga class dedicated to the Chakras

* Spirit Animal Meditations

* Your interesting and wild idea

Book your party by contacting