Lahari Yoga

Health~Honesty~Equality & Loving Kindness

L A H A R I • Y O G A

We stand for health, honesty, equality,

treating people how

you'd want to be treated, helping those in need,

and loving kindness.

Fares $$$

Fare {noun}: amount charged for transportation

Let us transport you.

Pricing Options

Drop In:

$12 / adult

$12 / child

SALe FALL Price list-1.jpeg

10 Class Pass: 

$100 --> SALE $90 / 10 classes

One Month Unlimited Pass

$160 --> SALE $129

Three Month Unlimited Pass

$400 --> SALE $329

One Year Unlimited Pass

$1200 -- > SALE $989

What Pricing Option to buy?

A DROP IN is a great option if you only visit once in a Blue Moon

A 10 CLASS PASS has a n amazing value, as it is 9 Classes and one class free. These passes are kept on your file in our MindBody System and your pass has no expiry date. So if you visit us once and then go on a world tour for a year, your other 9 classes will be here waiting for you. Alternatively your 10 Class Pass can be shared with you and a friend or family, just let the Front Desk person know.

An Unlimited Pass ( 1 Month, 3 Month & 1 Year) These passes are really great bang for your buck if you are attending 3 or more classes a week here at our studio. 


  • VALIDITY: All passes are valid for drop-in classes only.
  • REFUNDS: All passes are non-refundable
  • ACTIVATION DATE: All passes are activated on the first class attended after the purchase date.
  • EXTENSIONS AND HOLDS: Passes will not e extended past their expiry date or put on hold (*see Exceptions)
  • SHARING: Pass may not be shared, only used by the individual to which they are assigned. (*see Exceptions)
  1. *If a medical condition prevents you from using your pass  by it's expiry date, please email:
  2. ** 1 Year Unlimited Passes can be put on hold with advance notice for up to 4 weeks per year.



We embrace energy exchange. All proposals welcome.

Feel free to pay in the studio at the front desk. Or you may have the luxury of clicking on 'Buy' to register and pay all online before you arrive at the studio!

Looking to give a Gift of Yoga to that 💕special 💕someone. Send them an eGift Card.

The Karmie Program

 LAHARI•YOGA studio offers a trade for yoga called The Karmie Program. You volunteer four hours of your time on the same day, same time, once a week helping to clean the studio (prepping tea and coffee, soaking scented clothes collecting and cleaning mats, washing the floors, cleaning and tidying the lounge area, etc...) and check clients in, reconcile client accounts and in exchange you can receive unlimited yoga classes . We're looking for people who take their Karma Position seriously - just like any other job. We want to build relationships with our clients based on genuine trust, communication, compassion and commitment.  Applicants should therefore be willing to commit to a minimum of 3 months of participation in this program. We understand that yoga can be a luxury that not everyone can afford and this program allows those who deeply desire to improve their practice but are financially challenged, to still be involved and be part of the LAHARI Love Tribe community. The volunteers are an integral part of the studio and their passion and dedication shines forth in the work they do both inside and outside the studio.