Lahari Yoga

Health~Honesty~Equality & Loving Kindness

L A H A R I • Y O G A

We stand for health, honesty, equality,

treating people how

you'd want to be treated, helping those in need,

and loving kindness.



What our clients are saying about their LAHARI YOGA sessions.


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Can’t say enough wonderful things about this studio & their staff. So welcoming & warm you feel like you are part of a community here & as if you’ve been friends forever. My daughter also loves the kids yoga class & walked out hand in hand with a new friend on her first day!

They also include such personal touches such as misting a lovely aroma therapy around the room as you lay still & breathing & cool clothes on your forehead at the end of class & get this... Seriously yummy snacks & treats at the end of the happy hour Blissology class with mingling & chatting to end your work week & welcome the weekend!

It’s like nothing else I’ve experienced & I’m addicted. Will definitely welcome yoga (with Lahari Studio) into my life with WIDE open arms. (((HUGS))) ❤️
— Lucy M. ~ via Facebook
Candlelight Yin (Hot)19/03/2015
An unexpected instructor change ended up in a wonderful yin experience! Great class, awesome instructor; Alex.
— Heather H. ~ via MindBody Connect App
Feel Good Flow(WARM) 26/03/2015
Thank you for the sound healing during Shavasana!
— Kim P. ~ via MindBody Connect App
This is hands down my favorite yoga studio ever. Prepare to feel welcome and loved. My first class was a Friday night happy hour and I was instantly hooked. Love this place and these people!!!
— Sue K. ~via Facebook
Lahari is the most welcoming and loving environment I have ever walked into in my 51 years of living.
It is unlike anything I have experienced in the yoga world. It’s not a like gym, it’s not even like a studio for that matter. It’s like walking into someone’s warm,comfortable, beautiful and inviting home. The decor and colors are eye-candy for the soul.
When you step into the studio it’s like landing in an exotic foreign land and your worries, troubles and everyday cares really do fall from your shoulders at the door. It is a safe haven to truly relax and be your true, authentic self.
If you are nervous about trying yoga for the first time this is the place to be. You come up the stairs a stranger, you walk through the doors as an invited guest and you leave being a new family member.
The instructors are absolutely brilliant, loving and kind.

I am without a doubt in love with and addicted to Lahari and the incredible family that is growing every day.
Come in and enjoy a slice of the Lahari Love Tribe.
— Nancy L. ~ via
The only place where I have felt free to be who I am, have been able to push myself deeper, and leave with such refreshing mental clarity. Larissa has been very generous in my start to practice at Lahari and best of all I have found an instructor that brings out the best in me with her infectious smile and personality. Michellene is absolutely amazing.
— Dani B. ~via Facebook
Candlelight Yin (Hot) 19/03/2015
Impromptu class with Alex! A little flow in the yin was awesome. :-)
— Danielle B. ~ via MindBody Connect App
Blissology Yang Tuesday (Hot) 24/03/2015
Tremendous class! This blissology series is perfect for someone looking for a daily practice. Each week is structured thematically and the daily classes are challenging and consistently themed as well. Michellene has an extraordinary energy and playful spirit that invigorates and challenges. Definitely recommended!
— Shawn M. ~ via MindBody Connect App
can’t adequately describe how special this studio is, and the warm, euphoric feeling you get when you walk in. It’s welcoming, beautiful and comfortable. There is never any sense of being rushed or judged. You truly DO feel like you are part of a larger family here. I don’t think I could go anywhere else now!
— Heather H. ~ via Facebook
As soon as you walk in the doors, you become a part of the family. Doesn’t matter where you’re at in your your journey, every yoga practice is celebrated and loved. Lahari is my favourite place to practice yoga, and they have transformed my life already. ❤️❤️
— Sam W. ~via Facebook
Thank you for a wonderful class Larissa ! Very welcoming environment. Loved it! I’ll be back!
— Roxanne S. ~via Facebook
A great and peaceful environment to learn and practice yoga. Really enjoyed it.
— Ckenzie B. ~via Facebook
Chief among the reasons I love yoga is the community it fosters, but the kula forms not because it’s forced but because the conditions encourage it. Every day I see the examples; students bringing presents or treats for the friends and strangers that share the studio, spontaneous hugs and back massages, people lingering over tea for hours after class enjoying the grins or the intense debates that occur, a student running to get a prop for the stranger struggling next to them, an entire class cheering for someone attempting a pose for the first time. Intentions set for someone else to benefit. Truly wishing for someone else to have good luck without worrying if you’ll gain from it. It isn’t a community because someone declared it, it’s a community because like-minded people came together and genuinely love, support and nurture each other.
I absolutely love that I’ve found just such a place, and I do not take it for granted; I cherish it and am proud to be able to contribute to its success.
Thanks again to Lahari Yoga for allowing me to be part of the tribe of misfits!
— Shawn M. ~ via Facebook