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Tea CAKE for Digestion


Along with our Yoga For Digestion this month. I'd like to share this Tea Cake recipe with you. Although I love almost all teas, I have to say Pu’er tea is definitely my holy grail. As someone who has dealt with a lot of stomach upsets in my life, I find yoga twists and Pu’er tea are the most natural way to alleviate some symptoms.


Unique Process

For those who are not familiar with Pu’er tea. It is from YunNan province, which is located in southwest China. There are two main categories: Ripe Pu’er and Raw Pu’er. The Ripe Pu’er goes through a specific man-made fermentation (sort of like the process of yogurt), some teas are aged more than 20 years. The tea’s taste and aroma develop with each year stored, becoming smoother, more flavorful, and more defined. (for my wine drinkers, yes, it’s similar to a fine Wine process). On the other hand, Raw Pu’er are naturally aged. Once the leaves are picked from trees among various mountains, they are blended together and left to wilt in the sun then oxidized to the stage of raw Pu’er tea.


Weight Loss & Hangover

I like to drink straight Pu’er tea couple of hours after meals and re-steep for up to a dozen times, especially if it’s a good quality tea. I find that’s the best time to drink Pu’er tea to remove excess grease and eliminate unwanted and hard-to-digest fats after meal. I would not call this “Miracle Wight Loss” tea but it does help me maintain healthy weight. However, if you drink Pu’er tea couple of hours before the meal, I find it makes me starving and ends up overeating. You can give it a try and see which one works better for you.


While I don’t have any studies to support this claim, but many Chinese, including myself, believe that Pu’er tea can cure hangover symptoms. If you are curious about it, next time when you need some extra help, try it and see if this helps to lessen the hangovers.



Yes. Pu’er tea is usually packed into bricks or a round shape, thus, some people refer it as to “Tea Cake”!


I usually stock up on tea cakes when I visit home in China. If you live in Canada, I'd recommend Organic Silken Pu'er from Davids Tea or Pu'er Tea Cake from the Chinese Tea Shop. (Note: I'm not sponsored by the companies. Those are just my personal favourites. )


Hopefully you find this is informative and interesting. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or like to share your digestion tips.